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  • Emergency Server Move (

    June 14, 2013 by

  • 7:33 am 6/15/13

    Below are the new nameserver IP's Pls update if you manage your own domain. ( (

    6:24 am 6/15/13
    The transfer has completed and setup, New Ips has been updated. Once the new nameserver IPs
    propagate fully, all accounts should be back up and running. This usually takes a few hours
    but sometimes longer depending on your ISP providers.

    3:45 am 6/15/13
    The restore server is entering its postrestore phase, and should be up very
    soon. I'll let you know when this is complete and work to get your sites
    operating on this new server.

    1:48 am 6/15/13
    The backup server image is still being synced to the new restore server.
    We will update as additional progress is made.

    12:15 am 6/15/13

    Due to the problems / issues with the current server, we had to do the move immediately instead
    of waiting for the scheduled transfer for tomorrow. Transfer is ongoing and this could take
    some time due to large amount of files that needs to be transferred to another server. Again
    we apologize for the inconvience this may have caused. We will update you as soon as we are
    updated with the progress from datacenter.


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